Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Basket Weave Scarf

My boy, Timmy, has been wanting me to make him a scarf for awhile. He even joined me on a yarn shopping trip to pick out some grey yarn. The boy likes grey, a lot. He wanted something simple so I was just going to do garter stitch for the whole thing. Unfortunately, about 10 inches in I got really bored and never finished it. That was back in October or November. Then I got all tangled up in yarn with my Christmas gifts and poor Timmy never got a scarf.

Now that my cable hat is done and I have two hours of commute time each day, I told Timmy I would try again to make him a scarf, he just had to pick a more interesting pattern. He, of course, chose the exact same yarn but he did pick an excellent pattern. It is really easy yet it is complicated enough to keep me interested. I haven't gotten very far yet:

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