Sunday, January 10, 2010

Learning to Cable

I just started learning how to cable knit. This is my practice piece. My mother gave me a giant bag of crappy, old yarn. This was some of it. I think it looks kinda like a Mexican flag. Happy accident.

I am lucky to have Elizabeth to teach me but Knitting Help has also been an excellent resource, in fact I am pretty sure that is how she learned.

My next project is these fabulous cabled arm warmers. I am making them in a dark purple shade. I think I'll keep them for myself but they might also make a great gift for my aunt. I owe her a Christmas gift still.

My only complaint about the pattern is that it calls for size 8 needles and the arm warmers look really loose and holey. I really prefer a nice tight knit. If I make these again I will probably use a smaller needle, I don't mind if they are a little tight on my arm in the end.

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